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Labor & Employment in Utah

All sorts of legal issues can arise in the course of employment. Maybe your employer is asking you to sign a job contract containing language that just doesn't seem fair. Or maybe you've been passed over for a promotion in favor of someone who's younger and less experienced. Or perhaps you've been laid off but your application for Utah unemployment compensation was denied. In all of these situations—and more—the help of a labor and employment law lawyer can be invaluable.

When Should You Hire a Labor & Employment Attorney?

The workplace is governed by countless federal and Utah labor and employment laws. You can't be expected to know every law that relates to your rights as a worker and your employer may not be familiar with all of them either. Sometimes deliberately and sometimes unintentionally an employer will break the law, and you may need the assistance of an experienced employment law attorney to help make things right.

Among the more common types of job-related legal problems:

  • Compensation-related issues, including those related to the minimum wage in Utah, as well as issues related to overtime and unemployment compensation
  • Workers' comepnsation issues, including assistance filing a claim, appealing a denied claim and fighting to get all of the compensation you deserve
  • Discrimination issues related to hiring, promotions and retention
  • Issues related to termination from a job, including wrongful terminations
  • Sexual harassment on the job
  • If you're a disabled worker, requests for reasonable accommodations under the Americans With Disabilities Act

You'll also want to have an attorney review any job-related contracts or agreements you're asked to sign, including those related to a new job, relocation, compensation and severance, as well as non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

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