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Labor & Employment in South Dakota

Thousands of federal and South Dakota labor and employment laws govern the workplace. It's difficult for anyone to be familiar with all of the laws—which means that sometimes employers may deliberately or accidentally break some of the rules and violate your rights as an employee. A labor and employment lawyer can help you work through these problems and other job-related legal issues.

Common Job-Related Problems in South Dakota

At some point in your work career, you'll probably run into a job-related legal problem or issue. Among the most common labor and employment issues:

  • Compensation: This would include being misclassified as an exempt employee, being paid less than the South Dakota minimum wage and not being compensated for all of the hours you've worked in a pay period.
  • Safety: Whether you're working in an office, retail store, factory or in the field, the workplace can be dangerous. Don't let your employer put your health and welfare at risk by disregarding job safety laws.
  • Treatment of Employees in the Workplace: The office can be a cruel place where discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying run rampant.
  • Benefits: By law, you may be entitled to certain benefits such as workers' compensation in the event of a job-related injury or unpaid leave while caring for a sick loved one. If your employer denies these requests, you may need an attorney's assistance.
  • Termination: Talk to a labor and employment law attorney if you think you've been wrongfully terminated, you've been denied unemployment compensation or you need help negotiating a severance agreement.
  • Job-related contracts: Some employers ask their employees to sign a variety of contracts as a condition of employment. These might include an employment contract, compensation agreement, non-compete agreement and relocation agreement. An attorney can read, review and help negotiate changes to these legal documents.

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