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Labor & Employment in South Carolina

Sometimes even the best job can cause headaches. Maybe your boss denied your request for medical leave. Or you're being asked to sign an employment contract that seems to favor your employer. Or perhaps you were injured at work and the workers' compensation insurer denied your claim. In these instances (and countless others), a South Carolina labor and employment attorney can provide invaluable assistance.

Common South Carolina Labor & Employment Issues

There are thousands of federal and South Carolina laws that govern the relationship between employee and employer. Other labor and employment laws address the work environment and are designed to protect worker safety.

As an employee, you'll want to retain a labor and employment lawyer in South Carolina if:

  • You and your employer are negotiating a legal contract or agreement, such as an employment contract, non-compete agreement, compensation agreement, relocation agreement or severance agreement
  • You think you're entitled to overtime but aren't receiving it, or you're being paid an hourly wage but don't get compensated for every hour you work
  • You were injured on the job or developed a work-related illness and your workers' compensation claim was denied
  • You have concerns about the safety of your workplace and you'd like to file a complaint with the South Carolina Occupational Safety & Health Administration
  • You think you've been the victim of discrimination in the hiring or promotion process, or that your job was terminated because of discrimination
  • You've been sexually, physically or verbally harassed at work
  • You think you've been unlawfully terminated or your unemployment compensation claim has been denied

Reasons to Hire a South Carolina Labor & Employment Lawyer

Anytime you encounter a work-related legal issue or problem, you should hire a South Carolina employment attorney to help resolve the issue.

Your lawyer can help you understand the applicable laws, explain your legal options and review the pros and cons of each option. Your attorney will also make every effort to resolve the issue while still allowing you to stay on good terms with your employer, if necessary.

You should assume that your employer is being advised by its own attorneys. To level the playing field, you must have your own South Carolina employment lawyer.

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