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Labor & Employment in Rhode Island

Feeling discriminated against at work? Is your employer shorting your wages? Injured on the job? In the course of your career, countless situations may arise that call for the assistance of a labor and employment attorney. If you think your employer is breaking a federal or Rhode Island labor law, or if you're trying to negotiate a job-related contract with your employer, talk to a lawyer today.

Commonly Encountered Labor & Employment Issues

There are thousands of federal and Rhode Island labor and employment laws that govern the workplace. You can't be expected to know them all, and your employer may not even be aware of your rights and their responsibilities.

If you're trying to resolve a delicate legal issue with your boss, you may need the help of an experienced labor and employment lawyer. Consider hiring an attorney if:

  • You're negotiating an employment contract, compensation agreement, relocation agreement or non-compete agreement with a current or potential employer
  • You think you're the victim of harassment or discrimination in the workplace
  • Your employer refuses to address workplace safety issues and you need to file a complaint with the Rhode Island Department of Occupational Safety & Health Administration
  • You're being paid less than minimum wage, think you've been misclassified as an exempt employee or aren't being paid for all of the hours you work
  • You have been injured on the job and need to file for workers' compensation
  • You think you've been unfairly terminated, you need help negotiating a severance agreement or you applied for unemployment compensation and your application was denied

This, of course, isn't a comprehensive list. Consider talking to an employment lawyer anytime you feel as if your rights as a worker are being denied or violated.

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