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Labor & Employment in Oregon

Has your employer asked you to sign a job-related contract? Do you think your boss is breaking federal or Oregon employment laws? During your career, you're likely to encounter work-related legal issues and problems. Don't try to solve them yourself. Instead, an Oregon labor and employment lawyer can be your ally and advocate, helping you navigate the law while resolving the issue.

When Can an Employment Lawyer Help You?

The workplace is governed by a maze of federal and Oregon labor and employment laws governing everything from big issues—such as worker safety—to nitty-gritty details about how and where work-related legal notices must be displayed.

You should hire a labor law attorney if you:

  • Have been asked to sign a job contract, compensation agreement, relocation agreement, non-compete agreement or severance agreement
  • Think you are the victim of discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Have been injured on the job or diagnosed with an occupational injury and need to file for Oregon workers' compensation
  • Think your employer is paying less than the legal minimum wage, isn't paying you for all of the hours you work or should be paying you overtime but isn't
  • Filed for unemployment compensation and your claim was denied
  • Requested a job accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act that was denied
  • Are concerned about safety issues in your workplace that aren't being addressed

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