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Labor & Employment in Ohio

If you have a legal dispute with your employer, or need to negotiate a job-related contract, you should not try to do it yourself. It's safe to assume that the company will be represented by an Ohio labor and employment attorney—and you should be, too.

Common Ohio Employment Issues

Countless federal and Ohio state laws govern the workplace and the employer-employee relationship. But despite these laws, labor and employment problems and disputes do occur, and at some point in your worklife you may have to hire an Ohio labor and employment lawyer.

You should consult an Ohio employment attorney if:

  • You are negotiating a job-related contract with an employer, including an employment contract, salary contract, relocation agreement, severance agreement or non-compete contract
  • You think you've been discriminated against in the hiring, retention or promotion process
  • You have a disability that is not being accommodated or are not receiving the medical leave to which you are entitled
  • You are not being paid for the hours you actually work or are being denied overtime
  • You are working in an unsafe environment or have been denied Ohio workers' compensation
  • You think you have been illegally terminated from your job or have been denied unemployment compensation

Reasons to Hire an Ohio Employment Attorney

You're not legally required to hire an Ohio employment lawyer to solve your work-related problems, but there are several reasons you should do so.

First, you can assume that your employer will have legal representation. Lawyers have specialized knowledge of the federal, state and local laws, as well as hands-on experience solving similar types of problems. This knowledge can work to your advantage if you've hired an attorney. But on the flip side, if you're engaged in a dispute with your employer and don't have an attorney, you may be outmatched and ultimately lose your case.

Work-related legal problems aren't always resolved in the courts. In many situations, there are specialized panels and tribunals that hear and rule on workplace disputes. Your Ohio labor lawyer will understand the process for resolving your issue, and stand by you until the case is resolved.

Find & Hire an Ohio Labor & Employment Lawyer

If you're facing job-related legal problems or in the midst of negotiations with your employer, you cannot afford to delay and should hire Ohio labor and employment attorneys today.

If you need assistance finding a lawyer, then can help you. We offer a free service that can match you with Ohio employment attorneys in your area—whether you live in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus or elsewhere in the state. Call us at 877-913-7222 or complete the form on this page to get started today.