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Labor & Employment in New York

The working world is full of legal problems—and if you hold a job for long enough, you're likely to encounter a few problems of your own. Whether you're negotiating with an employer or trying to resolve a legal dispute, you need a New York labor and employment attorney on your side.

Common New York Labor & Employment Issues

There are countless physical risks and legal risks in the average workplace. If your employer is smart, they manage these risks with good processes and procedures. But occasionally something goes wrong and employees suffer as a result. When this occurs, you may find yourself at the opposite side of the table from your employer while trying to resolve your labor and employment dispute. And a New York labor and employment lawyer can be your best ally in these situations.

You may need to hire an attorney to help address:

  • Compensation issues, including salary, severance and relocation negotiations as well as minimum wage and overtime disputes, and appeals if you've been denied unemployment compensation
  • Worker and workplace safety issues, including workers' compensation issues
  • Harassment in the workplace
  • Discrimination as part of the hiring, promotion and retention process
  • Issues related to the Americans With Disabilities Act and medical leave
  • Workplace violence

Questions to Ask When Hiring a New York Employment Attorney

You'll want to briefly interview each New York employment lawyer you're thinking about hiring. This preliminary consultation gives you the opportunity to tell the attorney a bit about your situation and learn more about the lawyer's experience and background.

When creating a list of interview questions, focus on topics that will assist with your hiring decision. Questions for New York labor and employment attorneys might include:

  • How long have you practiced employment law?
  • Does your practice focus solely on employment law or do you do other types of legal work?
  • Do you only represent employees or do you also represent employers?
  • Have you previously represented clients dealing with legal issues similar to mine?
  • What are my legal options?
  • How much do you charge and what is my total estimated legal bill?

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