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Labor & Employment in New Mexico

Unsure of your legal rights in the workplace? Trying to negotiate a job-related contract with your boss? Think you're the victim of sexual harassment or employment discrimination? Legal problems at work can be tough to resolve. If you live or work in New Mexico, talk to a labor and employment law attorney to learn your rights and get help solving your issue.

Why Should You Hire a Labor & Employment Lawyer?

It can be tough to navigate the maze of federal and New Mexico labor and employment laws without the help of an expert. Consider hiring an employment attorney if you:

  • Are negotiating an employment contract, severance agreement, relocation agreement, non-disclosure agreement, non-compete or a compensation agreement with your employer
  • Think you've been the victim of discrimination when applying for a job, seeking a promotion or if you've been terminated
  • Are not being properly compensated for the hours you've worked, think you are improperly being denied overtime or are being paid less than New Mexico minimum wage
  • Need help negotiating a job accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Think you've been the victim of wrongful termination or have been laid off of your job but denied unemployment compensation by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions
  • Have been injured at work or diagnosed with an occupational disease and need help in connection with a workers' compensation claim

A labor lawyer can help you reach a resolution on these and any other work-related legal problems you encounter during your career.

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