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Labor & Employment in Nevada

Sometimes it's difficult or impossible to resolve disagreements with your employer on your own. That's when a Nevada labor and employment attorney—as well as the many government agencies that address employee-employer disputes—can come in handy.

When Should You Hire a Labor & Employment Law Lawyer?

Many companies have processes and procedures in place for resolving labor and employment issues. For example, your company might have a hotline for reporting sexual harassment or workplace safety issues. But sometimes problems don't get solved, and you may need extra assistance. That's when a Nevada employment attorney can offer assistance.

Consider turning to labor and employment attorneys in Nevada for help if:

  • Your current, former or potential employer asks you to sign a job-related legal document, such as a severance agreement or employment contract.
  • You think you're entitled to overtime, but aren't receiving it, are earning less than minimum wage or have other wage and hour issues.
  • There are unresolved safety issues in your workplace.
  • You are the victim of job discrimination.
  • You need to file a workers' compensation claim, or you've filed a claim that was denied.
  • Your unemployment compensation claim was denied.
  • You think you've been wrongfully terminated from your job.

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