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Labor & Employment in Missouri

There are a number of circumstances that might lead you to hire a Missouri labor and employment attorney. These would include:

  • If you have a dispute with your employer and have been unable to informally resolve it
  • If your claim for Missouri unemployment benefits is denied
  • If you're negotiating any kind of agreement with your current, past or future employer that involves money, including a compensation agreement, severance agreement, non-compete agreement or relocation agreement
  • If you've been injured on the job and need Missouri workers' compensation benefits
  • If you think you're the victim of discrimination or harassment in the workplace
  • If you think your health or safety is at risk on the job
  • If your employer is refusing to pay you overtime or for all of the hours you've worked

When & Why to Hire a Missouri Labor & Employment Attorney

At some point in your working career, you'll probably have reason to hire a Missouri labor and employment lawyer.

There are thousands of federal and Missouri employment laws, and the average worker can't be expected to know all of them. If you need help protecting or enforcing your rights as an employee, then you should hire a Missouri employment attorney to advise and assist you in resolving your dispute.

Depending on the nature of your dispute, you may have to file a claim, complaint, lawsuit or appeal within a specific period of time (known as the statute of limitations). Once that time period expires, you have lost your ability to seek a legal resolution to your problem. For this reason, it makes sense to hire a Missouri employment lawyer as soon as possible after a dispute arises.

You should also recognize that your employer will almost certainly hire labor and employment attorneys if they get into a legal dispute. Common sense dictates that you should hire your own legal counsel to help level the playing field. Otherwise you risk being out-matched and out-smarted by your employer's attorneys.

Find & Hire a Missouri Employment Lawyer

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