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Labor & Employment in Maryland

There are a number of job-related situations where you're advised to hire a Maryland labor and employment attorney. Negotiating a severance agreement? Being denied overtime? Believe that you've been wrongfully terminated? About to sign a new job contract? Feel as if your employer is failing to accommodate your disability? A Maryland employment attorney can help protect your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maryland Labor & Employment Law

I'm about to sign a new job contract, written by the company's lawyer. Since an attorney is already involved, why do I need to hire my own lawyer?

Yes, you should hire your own Maryland labor and employment lawyer. The company's lawyer is responsible for ensuring that the company's legal interests—and not your own—are protected. And the contract was probably written so it favors your new employer if there's a legal dispute. Your employment attorney can review the contract and help negotiate to ensure it also treats you fairly.

My husband was laid off and now his former employer is challenging his unemployment claim. Is that legal?

If your Maryland unemployment claim was denied, you may file an appeal, which is a request to have your claim re-examined. After requesting an appeal in writing, a hearing examiner will hold a hearing at which you and your former employer will testify. Following the hearing, the examiner will issue its decision in writing. You may bring a Maryland labor and employment lawyer with you to the hearing, and you should expect your former employer to have a lawyer in attendance.

My employer told me that Maryland's minimum wage laws don't apply to my job. Is that right?

In certain circumstances, your employer may not have to pay the Maryland minimum wage. Employees who earn at least $30 a month in tips can be paid a lower hourly wage provided that the worker's wage plus tips enable them to earn an hourly wage that is at least equal to the minimum wage. And workers who are under the age of 20 can be paid a lower wage during their first 90 days on the job. Finally, Maryland law exempts some workers and types of businesses from paying minimum wage and overtime. According to the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, these include:

"Certain agricultural workers, executives, administrative and professional employees...employees of restaurants, cafes, drive-ins, taverns, and drug stores which sell food and drink for consumption on the premises where the annual gross is less than $250,000, employees of motion picture and drive-in theaters; employees under 16 years of age working less than 20 hours per week; outside salesmen and individuals compensated on a commission basis; individuals 62 years of age and working not more than 25 hours a week; employees of establishments engaged in the first canning, packing or freezing of fruits, vegetables, poultry and seafood; the immediate family of the employer; those employees enrolled in a special educational program and non-administrative employees of organized camps."

My boss often tells me to cut corners and ignore safety protocols. How do you address the issue without getting fired?

The federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Maryland Occupational Safety & Health (MOSH) are responsible for creating and enforcing worker safety laws. If you are unable to resolve the issue directly with your employer, you or your Maryland employment lawyer can file a complaint with MOSH and ask to have your workplace inspected. You can also complain to MOSH if you think you've been discriminated against as a result of your complaint.

Reasons to Hire a Maryland Employment Attorney

If you're facing a job-related legal issue, there are several reasons to hire Maryland labor and employment attorneys to help address the issue:

  • Knowledge of employment laws: There are countless laws designed to protect the rights and safety of workers, and it's impossible for the average non-lawyer to be familiar with all of them. Your Maryland employment lawyers will be knowledgeable about the laws, your rights under the laws and the various ways in which complaints about legal violations can be addressed.
  • Experience: Whether you're negotiating a severance agreement, you are the victim of workplace discrimination or you are trying to file a workers' compensation claim, your Maryland employment attorney will have represented dozens or even hundreds of clients just like you.
  • Level playing field: When companies face a labor and employment problem, they don't hesitate to hire Maryland labor and employment lawyers. By hiring an attorney, your employer is taking steps to ensure their rights are protected. Don't you want to ensure that yours are, too? Hiring your own attorney helps level the playing field.

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