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Labor & Employment in Maine

Job-related problems can be tough to tackle, particularly if you think your employer might be deliberately or unintentionally breaking the law. A Maine labor and employment law attorney can help you try to amicably resolve the situation and stand up for your rights.

Reasons to Hire a Maine Labor & Employment Lawyer

You should consider hiring Maine labor and employment law attorneys if:

  • You feel as if you've been the victim of discrimination in the workplace
  • You're a non-exempt employee and your employer isn't paying you overtime or is shorting your hours
  • You're the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • You filed for workers' compensation or your Maine workers' comp claim was denied

You should also consider hiring a Maine employment lawyer if you are negotiating a job-related legal contract with your current, future or former employer. Employment attorneys can help negotiate, draft and review job contracts, compensation agreements, relocation agreements, non-compete agreements and severance agreements.

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