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Labor & Employment in Iowa

Even in the best of jobs, you may sometimes have a conflict with your employer. Oftentimes, these occur when companies disregard laws—willfully or unintentionally—designed to protect workers' rights, health and safety. If you're facing a job-related legal problem, talk to an Iowa labor and employment law attorney immediately. The lawyer can help you resolve the issue while, if necessary, trying to maintain your relationship with your employer.

Reasons to Hire Iowa Employment Attorneys

There are thousands of federal and Iowa laws designed to protect workers' rights. But these laws are often confusing, and may lay out a strict process for resolving employer-employee disputes. You should hire an Iowa labor and employment lawyer if you're dealing with any of these common workplace issues:

  • Compensation issues, including problems related to minimum wage, overtime and hours worked, as well as negotiating a compensation agreement with your current or future employer
  • Health and safety issues, including workers' compensation claims if you've been injured on the job, OSHA complaints if there are safety issues in your workplace, requests for accommodations under the Americans With Disabilities Act and requests for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Termination-related issues, including wrongful termination claims and the negotiation of severance agreements as well as appealing a denied unemployment claim

Find & Hire an Iowa Labor & Employment Lawyer

If you're facing a job-related legal problem, you must act swiftly to resolve the issue. And one of your first steps should be the hiring of a local Iowa employment lawyer.

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