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Labor & Employment in Illinois

You hurt yourself at work. You're negotiating to take a big new job. You were denied leave to which you think you're entitled. Your supervisor regularly adjusts your timesheet so you earn less than you should. All of these are reasons to hire an Illinois labor and employment attorney—and there are many more reasons, too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Labor & Employment Law

When do I need to hire an Illinois employment attorney?

It's important to understand that most employers routinely hire an employment lawyer any time they're dealing with labor and employment issues. The attorneys will advise them on their legal rights and obligations, and will do their best to protect the company from lawsuits. But when a company hires an attorney, that lawyer is looking out for the employer's interests—not yours. You need your own Illinois employment lawyer to make sure you're treated fairly.

Consider hiring Illinois employment attorneys if you:

  • Are negotiating with your employer, be it for a new job, promotion or severance.
  • Are asked by your employer to sign a legal document. This might include contracts, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements or documents waiving your legal rights.
  • Feel as if you are being treated unfairly in the workplace, or are the victim of bullying or harassment.
  • Feel as if your safety is at jeopardy.

Can I sue my employer if I'm injured on the job?

In most cases, no, you cannot sue. Most Illinois employees are covered under Illinois workers' compensation insurance, which will pay for your medical treatment, medical equipment and lost wages if you're injured in the workplace or contract a workplace illness. However, you may still need an Illinois employment lawyer or workers' compensation attorney if your claim is denied.

My company doesn't pay overtime. Is that legal?

So-called "wage and hour" issues are among the most common types of legal problems that workers face. It's a complex area of the law, and one where you'd benefit from the advice of an Illinois employment attorney. In general, overtime must be paid to employees who earn an hourly wage and who work more than 40 hours in a workweek.

Overtime causes a lot of confusion because certain workers, known as exempt employees, are not subject to overtime pay requirements.

Things to Discuss When Hiring Illinois Labor & Employment Lawyers

Before hiring an Illinois labor lawyer, you'll want to schedule an initial consultation. This preliminary meeting is a short get-to-know-you meeting during which you'll have the chance to learn more about the lawyer while deciding whether you want to hire him or her. An initial consultation is usually free, doesn't obligate you to hire the lawyer, and can be held in person or over the phone.

You should do some prep work before the meeting. If the lawyer has asked to see any job-related documents, you'll want to have copies of those handy. (Don't bring originals unless specifically asked to.) You should also make a list of questions you'd like to ask the lawyer that will help you make a hiring decision. Topics to consider include:

  • The lawyer's education and experience handling issues similar to yours
  • How much it will cost to hire the attorney
  • The various legal options for resolving your issue
  • Anything else that's integral to your decisions

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