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Labor & Employment in Florida

If you're negotiating to accept a new job, dealing with problems in the workplace or have recently left your job, a Florida labor and employment attorney can help you navigate the legal issues you're addressing.

Federal & Florida Labor & Employment Laws

A web of federal and Florida labor and employment laws govern everything that happens in and around the workplace. And even where no specific regulation exists, a lawyer can still assist you to ensure your employer treats you fairly.

Let's look at some of the many ways in which the law governs things related to businesses and the people they employ:

  • Getting a new job: Florida law bans discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age or marital status. These anti-discrimination laws apply in the hiring process and continue to protect you after you get a job. Your Florida labor and employment lawyer can help you take legal action if you've been discriminated against, and can also assist you with other aspects of landing a job, including reviewing your offer letter, helping you negotiate a contract and compensation.
  • Getting paid: Occupational Health & Safety Administration is just one of the government agencies responsible for making sure that employers provide and maintain a safe workplace for their employees. OSHA and state agencies enforce a number of laws designed to minimize workplace injuries and job-related illnesses.
  • Protecting your rights on the job: Not only do laws protect your safety on the job, but they require workers to be treated fairly and with dignity. These laws are designed to help prevent harassment in the workplace, ensure that women earn the same as men in the same jobs and provide workers the opportunity to take time off from their jobs if they or their family are addressing medical issues. Other laws protect workers who want to join a union.
  • Leaving your job: Whether you leave a job voluntarily or are laid off or terminated, you still have certain rights, including the option to continue your health insurance, the right to apply for unemployment compensation and the right to be paid for any unpaid wages and unused vacation time. Labor and employment attorneys in Florida can also help you negotiate a severance agreement and review any paperwork your employer asks you to sign at the conclusion of your job.

Reasons to Use a Florida Employment Attorney

There are a few reasons to consider hiring a Florida employment lawyer if you're facing a job-related issue.

First, federal and Florida employment laws are confusing, and you can't become an expert in the law overnight. Employment attorneys in Florida have spent years studying the laws and will regularly take classes to learn about changes to the law. Additionally, your attorney will have represented countless clients in situations just like yours. That experience works to your advantage when addressing a labor and employment issue.

Next, in all likelihood, your employer or potential employer will hire Florida employment attorneys to advise the company on any dispute with an employee. If you try to represent yourself, you're automatically putting yourself at a disadvantage. You'll level the playing field if you also hire an attorney.

Finally, you'll have peace of mind when you hire a lawyer. No more having to worry that you've made a mistake in paperwork or misunderstood some important area of the law. Your lawyer can assess your situation, then give you a candid evaluation of your position.

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