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Labor & Employment in Colorado

Even the experts can find employment laws to be complex and confusing. After all, there are thousands of federal, state and local regulations that cover countless aspects of hiring, firing, paying and promoting employees, keeping workers safe on the job and protecting their basic rights. If you encounter a job-related problem or legal issues, a Colorado labor and employment attorney will be the best person to help you navigate the maze of laws and regulations.

Types of Colorado Labor & Employment Issues

Broadly speaking, labor and employment laws can be broken down into three major categories: Those that deal with the hiring process, those that protect your rights and safety after you've been hired, and those that address the end of a job (including retirement, firings and layoffs). Within each of those categories, federal and Colorado employment laws can be further broken down:

  • Laws designed to ensure that workers are treated fairly. These would include anti-discrimination laws, anti-harassment laws, equal pay laws and the Americans With Disabilities Act, but also laws that govern trade unions and layoffs.
  • Laws that focus on compensation-related issues. These include laws that govern minimum wage and overtime, as well as laws related to unemployment compensation.
  • Laws that focus on worker safety. These include laws to protect employees who are working in dangerous conditions, as well as workers' compensation laws in the unfortunate event a worker is injured or sickened on the job.

When to Hire a Colorado Labor & Employment Lawyer

There are a number of situations when you'll want to consider hiring Colorado employment attorneys.

Any time you're negotiating with your current employer or a potential employer, a lawyer may be able to assist you. This will include contract and compensation negotiations before you're hired to do a job, promotion and relocation compensation negotiations, and severance agreements when you leave a position. You should assume that your employer is consulting its Colorado labor and employment attorneys while negotiating; having your own attorney helps to even the playing field.

You'll also want to consult a Colorado employment lawyer if you think your employer is doing something that's violating your rights or putting worker safety in jeopardy. Employment laws are often enforced by a maze of government agencies and complex sets of rules that govern when you must report wrongdoing to an enforcement agency, when you can file a civil lawsuit, how you can appeal decisions and more. Your Colorado employment lawyers can guide you through the process of addressing the issue.

There are a few other reasons to consider hiring Colorado labor and employment lawyers to address job-related problems or help in negotiations:

  • Expertise: Your attorneys will have spent years studying the relevant federal and Colorado employment laws, and regularly attending classes to learn about changes to the law. You would find it difficult, if not impossible, to become an overnight expert on the issue you're facing.
  • Experience: Each year Colorado labor lawyers represent thousands of clients dealing with job-related issues just like yours. That hands-on experience works to your advantage, and helps the attorney give you the best possible advice.
  • Peace of mind: When you hire an employment lawyer in Colorado, you're hiring a trusted expert to act as your advisor, guide and advocate. You can focus on the other important things in your life while your lawyer worries about your problems. And you'll have the comfort of knowing you're getting advice from an expert, rather than trying to deal with the problem on your own and hoping you make the right decisions.

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