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Labor & Employment in California

There are a number of reasons for workers to consider hiring a California labor and employment attorney. An attorney can help you as negotiate potential jobs, work with you to address problems on the job and also address legal issues when you leave a position.

Common California Labor & Employment Issues

In the course of your career, you may encounter a host of legal issues related to your job. California employment attorneys can answer your questions, clarify your rights and help you resolve job-related problems.

Among the many instances when you may want to hire a California labor and employment lawyer:

  • Before accepting a new job: Your California employment lawyers can help you negotiate a compensation package and review any legal documents—such as an employment contract or non-disclosure agreement—before you sign them. You'll also want to speak to an attorney if you encounter any discrimination in the hiring process.
  • On the job: You'll want to talk to California labor and employment attorneys if you encounter problems in the workplace and feel as if your legal rights are being violated. There are countless federal and California laws designed to protect workers and regulate the workplace. The cover everything from compensation to unionization, from discrimination to harassment, from disabled workers to medical leave, from worker safety to mass layoffs. In some instances, you may feel comfortable directly addressing the problem with your employer, but in other cases you'll want to first talk to a lawyer or involve an attorney if your concerns aren't addressed.
  • When leaving a position: Finally, you'll want to speak to California labor and employment lawyers when leaving a job, particularly if you're being asked to sign any legal documents, such as a severance agreement or non-compete agreement. Your lawyer and read and review these contracts, which are often one-sided and favor the employer, to help you get a better deal. You'll also want to retain a California employment lawyer if you've been denied California unemployment compensation.

Reasons to Hire California Employment Lawyers

There are a few reasons to hire a California labor and employment lawyer, rather than trying to address a job-related issue on your own.

  • Expertise: Your attorney will have spent years studying federal and California employment laws. Additionally, your lawyer will have represented dozens of clients in situations similar to yours. The average person isn't expected to be familiar and knowledgeable about the many laws that protect workers—but your lawyer will understand those laws.
  • Peace of mind: When you hire a employment law attorney in California, you're hiring an expert. That lawyer will act as your guide and advisor as you navigate the maze of employment laws. You'll have the comfort of knowing that your rights are being protected because your lawyer is looking out for your best interests.
  • Level playing field: Most companies will hire an attorney whenever they have an employment-related problem. If your employer has hired a lawyer and you haven't, then your employer has the advantage. When your job, compensation and livelihood are at stake, you don't want to be outmatched. By hiring an employment lawyer in California, you're leveling the play playing field.

Find & Hire an Employment Attorney in California

Have you been disciplined or terminated because of job-related drug testing? Are you negotiating with a potential employer and want to make sure you're getting a good deal? Do you think your company is cutting corners, putting worker and customer safety at risk? If so, you need to hire an employment law lawyer in California. And can help you find an attorney in your area.

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