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Labor & Employment in Arizona

Is your Arizona employer discriminating against you, creating a hostile workplace or failing to pay you what you have earned? Do you think your employer is breaking federal and Arizona labor and employment laws? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then an Arizona labor and employment attorney can help resolve your job-related problems.

Common Job-Related Legal Problems in Arizona

There are thousands of federal and Arizona laws that govern the workplace and employee rights. Unfortunately, not every company is aware of all of the laws. Still other companies make deliberate decisions to ignore the laws and violate employee rights. Some of the most commonly broken job-related laws include:

  • Compensation laws: Federal and Arizona compensation laws address a variety of compensation-related issues, including minimum wage, overtime, salaried vs. hourly wage employees and equal pay. Collectively, these are usually called wage and hour laws, and an employment attorney in Arizona can help you if you believe you're being under-compensated or incorrectly compensated.
  • Anti-discrimination laws: Federal and Arizona laws protect against discrimination in hiring and on the job. These laws prohibit employers from discriminating against an employee or job applicant based on a number of characteristics, including age, disability, sex, national origin, race, color or religious beliefs. It is difficult to prove discrimination, so individuals who think they've been the victim of job-related discrimination should speak to an Arizona employment attorney to explore their legal options.
  • Anti-harassment laws: Job-related harassment can take many forms. Sexual harassment is one of the most common and well-known types of harassment, but workers may experience other kinds of harassment, including bullying, retaliation and hostile workplaces.
  • Laws designed to protect employee health and safety: The Occupational Health & Safety Administration, or OSHA, is the federal agency that's responsible for setting and enforcing workplace safety standards. Their goal: To prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and death. You should contact a labor and employment lawyer in Arizona if you think your workplace has safety hazards or unsafe working conditions or if employees are encouraged or required to disregard safety warnings.

Other Reasons to Hire Arizona Labor & Employment Attorneys

People also hire Arizona employment attorneys in situations where laws aren't being broken.

If you're starting a new job, you may want an Arizona labor and employment lawyer to help you negotiate compensation or review job-related documents, such as a contract, non-disclosure agreement or non-compete agreement. Similarly, if you're being promoted or taking on significantly more job responsibilities, you may want an Arizona employment lawyer to coach you through the process of negotiating a new compensation agreement.

Finally, you'll want to hire Arizona labor and employment attorneys if you've been fired or laid off.

If you've been terminated for cause and denied Arizona unemployment benefits, your Arizona employment lawyer can help you challenge that ruling and try to obtain unemployment compensation. If you've been laid off, your attorney can help you negotiate a severance package and review your severance agreement.

Reasons to Hire Arizona Labor & Employment Lawyers

If you're facing an Arizona job-related problem, there are several reasons to consider hiring a labor and employment attorney to assist you.

  • Legal expertise: Labor laws are complex and difficult for the average person to understand. But Arizona employment attorneys have spent years in school studying the law and regularly attend seminars and read articles to learn about changes in the law. When you hire a labor and employment attorney in Arizona, you're benefiting from those years of education and hands-on experience. Your attorney will know the applicable law and be familiar with the government agencies charged with enforcing the various rules.
  • Level playing field: If you have a job-related problem, you can assume your employer will hire at least one and probably a team of Arizona employment lawyers. If you want to level the playing field, you need to hire an attorney, too.
  • Trusted advisor and counselor: If you talk to friends or family about your job problems, most will probably side with you. When you hire an attorney, you're hiring someone who will give you an impartial opinion. Do you have a valid case or legitimate complaint? If so, what are your options? Your Arizona labor and employment lawyer can give you a candid assessment of your situation and guide you through to resolution.

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