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Labor & Employment in Alabama

Alabama employees are protected by thousands of federal and Alabama employment laws. But not every company obeys the law. An Alabama labor and employment attorney can help if your employer is breaking the rules or putting your health and safety in jeopardy. Your Alabama employment attorney can also help you negotiate with an employer when you start a new job or if you are terminated.

When Do You Need an Alabama Employment Lawyer?

Labor and employment laws are complex and confusing. If you're an Alabama worker facing a tricky employment situation, you shouldn't try to address the issue yourself. Instead, hire an Alabama labor and employment lawyer to protect your rights and ensure you get a fair deal.

There are a number of situations in which you should hire an Alabama employment lawyer. These include:

  • Before you start a new job: Alabama labor and employment attorneys can advise you in several aspects related to new employment. You'll want to talk to your attorney if you think you've been the victim of discrimination during the hiring process. Your lawyer can also help review and negotiate your employment contract, non-compete agreement and non-disclosure agreements.
  • When facing problems on the job: Once you've been hired, you'll want to speak to an employment lawyer in Alabama if you think you're facing harassment or violence on the job, or if you've been accused of these behaviors. You'll also want to talk an attorney if you've failed a drug or alcohol test, or feel your privacy was invaded during testing. An attorney can also help you if you're facing on-the-job discrimination or if you think you're being improperly compensated or denied overtime. Finally, you'll want to speak to an employment attorney in Alabama if you're asked to sign any employment-related documents after you've been hired.
  • Leaving a job: At some point, you'll leave a job—whether you retire, quit, are laid off or are fired. Alabama employment lawyers can help you negotiate severance or early-retirement packages. Your lawyer can also assist you if you think you've been unlawfully terminated or denied Alabama unemployment compensation.

Addressing Job-Related Problems in Alabama


There are a number of ways of addressing Alabama labor and employment problems. For the most common problems, the law spells out the specific resolution process.

In some instances, your attorney can negotiate directly with your employer. For other types of problems, you'll have to file a civil lawsuit against your employer. And in other cases, the law requires you to first to file a complaint with a government agency before you file a lawsuit.

Your Alabama employment attorney can review the specifics of your situation, explain your legal options and guide you through the process of resolving the problem.

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Don't try to deal with employment issues on your own. Instead, hire an Alabama labor and employment attorney to help protect your rights and ensure that you're treated fairly.

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