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South Carolina DUI and DWI

In the Palmetto State, driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are criminal offenses to be taken seriously. From your career and car insurance to education and personal liberties, many aspects of your life may be impacted with long-term consequences from a conviction. Jail time, fines, suspensions, and revocations of driving privileges are some of the more severe penalties. Time is of the essence to build your defense and fight the charges.

Why Should I Hire a South Carolina Attorney to Fight My DUI?

Drunk driving charges are complicated and technically complex. Penalties and sanctions grow progressively harsher with each new law designed to curb drunk driving. A general practice attorney in South Carolina may not have the experience and qualifications specific to the field to significantly improve your standing in your DUI case. But a local DWI attorney knows the nuances of local law enforcement and court proceedings, and what is necessary to improve your position. A DUI lawyer with strong local ties can help shield you from a conviction when there are evidentiary loopholes in the prosecution’s case. Counsel also perform these invaluable legal services:

  • Request maintenance records for breathalyzer equipment
  • Request measurements, data, samples, and results
  • Analyze blood sample testing results

South Carolina DWI attorneys are keenly aware that:

  • Adverse evidence should be attacked
  • Flaws in prosecution's case should be exposed
  • Penalties and sentences should be negotiated and reduced
  • Expert witnesses should be retained
  • License suspensions should be challenged

What Can Police Do When They Pull Me Over?

South Carolina’s drunk driving laws make it easy for police to pull you over in a traffic stop. The legal standard dictates that police can pull over drivers based upon a “reasonable articulable suspicion” that a driver has committed a crime, such as drunk driving. Officers can:

  • Pull a driver over
  • Ask her questions
  • Evaluate and observe her
  • Ask her to take one or more field sobriety and chemical tests

A lot can happen before a driver is advised of basic constitutional rights. Few South Carolinians realize they can refuse to answer questions, remain seated in their cars, remain silent, and inform the officer to arrest or release them.

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Driving under the influence attorneys possess the legal know-how, procedural knowledge, reputation, and experience to build prevailing defenses for clients facing scary convictions just like you. These lawyers focus on weaknesses in police testing equipment, methods, and conditions to defend your privileges to drive, your personal records, and your liberties. Call now to talk with a DWI attorney in South Carolina at 877-913-7222.