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Rhode Island DUI and DWI

In Rhode Island, driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are major illegal offenses not to be taken lightly by those charged. Careers, car insurance, education, ability to rent, and individual liberties will probably suffer long-term negative consequences because of a DWI conviction. Jail, fines, suspensions, and revocations of driving privileges are equally prone to happen. A possible drunk driving conviction in Rhode Island is a weighty, serious matter, whether you are a first-time or multiple offender.

What Can an Experienced DUI Lawyer Do for Me?

The short answer: tons. Skilled, seasoned attorneys in the DWI field who do not just dabble casually in the subject as general practitioners, but are attorneys regularly involved in the practice area, can achieve core goals in defending your case. It is hoped that these local practitioners can also help reduce any penalties and sanctions by undertaking these roles:

  • Evaluating legality of your traffic stop
  • Determining whether your field sobriety tests were administered properly
  • Analyzing scientific accuracy of your blood test
  • Analyzing scientific accuracy of your breath test
  • Analyzing scientific accuracy of chemical testing
  • Examining your case’s evidence closely
  • Retaining qualified expert witnesses to build a strong defense and attack the prosecution’s case
  • Providing you with the best chance of avoiding a DUI or DWI conviction
  • Reviewing whether your rights were fully and adequately explained to you

Learn more about what could happen if you refuse chemical testing or a blood alcohol test at a DUI stop.

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DWI lawyers have the legal acumen and skill, the knowledge of procedures, and the training and experience to build winning defenses for clients just like you. These practitioners exploit flaws in police testing equipment, methods, and conditions to vehemently defend your driving privileges, personal records, and liberties. Call today to talk with a driving under the influence lawyer in Rhode Island at 877-913-7222.