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New Hampshire DUI and DWI

Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are serious crimes in New Hampshire. A conviction can have severe short- and long-term impacts. As such, you may feel panicked if you are facing such a charge. Whether it is your first or a repeat DUI, a New Hampshire DWI attorney can help you mount a strong defense.

Why Hire a DUI Attorney?

Drunk driving charges are complex. The penalties and sanctions get more severe each time a new law passes. A typical DWI case may include:

  • Administrative licensing suspension
  • Sentencing
  • Constitutional protection violations
  • Evidentiary issues
  • Scientific testing matters
  • Procedural concerns
  • Law enforcement errors and omissions/misconduct

All of this is within the confines of a single case.

DWI attorneys have skills unique to the field. They know the specific tasks to undertake to markedly improve a case. DUI attorneys are keenly aware of nuances that general attorneys may overlook. Driving while intoxicated lawyers know to:

  • Request maintenance records for testing devices, such as breathalyzers
  • Request measurements
  • Analyze or reanalyze blood or urine samples
  • Exploit flaws in the prosecution’s case
  • Challenge evidence in the prosecution’s case
  • Negotiate to reduce sentences, fines, and penalties
  • Retain expert witnesses
  • Challenge administrative license suspensions.

What Is an Interlock Device?

An interlock device attaches to an ignition system in a car. It can detect traces of alcohol in a person’s breath. If it detects any, the car will not start. Local vendors in New Hampshire sell the interlock device. The cost for installation and monthly maintenance varies. Interlock device users often complain of inconvenience and social stigma from having the highly visible device installed in their automobiles.

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DWI attorneys have the skills and knowledge to mount winning defenses for their clients. These criminal defense attorneys focus in the DWI field. They hone in on weaknesses and flaws in police testing equipment, conditions, and methods. They aggressively defend your driving privileges, personal records, and individual freedoms. Call today to talk with a local DUI lawyer in New Hampshire at 877-913-7222.