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Louisiana DUI and DWI

Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are serious crimes in Louisiana. A conviction has lasting adverse impacts. It can affect your job, insurance, education, ad personal freedoms. You may face jail, fines, or other punishments. And you may lose your driving privileges. Whether you are facing your first charge or are a repeat offender, too much is at stake to not take swift action. A Louisiana DUI attorney can help.

What Triggers a DWI Charge?

In Louisiana, you may face a DWI charge if you are pulled over and either:

A lot can go on in the moment that can impact your case. Many factors come into play in drunk driving offenses. You should never simply plead guilty just because you have been arrested on the suspicion of a DUI. DWI lawyers often can pick apart the case against you. This is especially true if you failed a field sobriety test. Your attorney may be able to help you get:

  • Dismissal of charges
  • Restored driving privileges
  • Reduced fines
  • Community service in lieu of jail time

What Deadlines Do I Face With a DUI in Louisiana?

If you are arrested for a DWI in Louisiana, you must act fast. You have 15 days to request an administrative hearing. If not, your driving privileges in the state will be suspended. The time to consult with a local DUI attorney is immediately after your arrest. A lawyer can explain your options to you. You will be better equipped to mount a defense against a potential driving under the influence conviction.

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