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Florida DUI & DWI

Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are serious offenses in the Sunshine State. They put others at risk of limb, property, or life. Negative impacts on your employment, insurance, education, and personal freedom are likely to occur if you are arrested for drunk driving. Jail, convictions, fines, suspensions, and revocations of driving privileges may also result. Whether you are a first-time or multiple offender, drunk driving charges should not be dismissed lightly. Instead, build an aggressive legal defense with the assistance of a Florida DWI lawyer and make a material impact on your case.

What Should I Do if I’m Pulled Over for Drunk Driving in Florida?

Remember these simple steps if you are pulled over for a traffic stop in the Sunshine State:

  • Be calm
  • Be polite
  • Use your dome or overhead light if it’s dark
  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel
  • Keep your hands in plain view
  • Do not be argumentative with police
  • Put the police at ease (they are on heightened alert in traffic stops)
  • Have registration, proof of insurance, and driver’s license readily available
  • Communicate you are in control and respect police

There are some things not to do in traffic stops:

  • Do not discuss topics other than your personal information.
  • Do not banter in friendly conversation or make small talk.
  • Do not forget that anything you say may incriminate you.
  • Do not forget your basic constitutional rights, such as the right to remain silent.

What Can the Police Do When They Pull Me Over?

Florida’s drunk driving laws make it easy for police to make traffic stops. They can pull you over for “reasonable articulable suspicion” that you have committed a crime, such as drunk driving. Police can ask questions, evaluate, observe, and request that you take sobriety tests. Much of this can happen even before you are advised of your constitutional rights. Few realize that they can refuse to answer questions and remain silent. You can also tell the police to arrest you or let you go. Throughout the traffic stop, police are searching for any grounds on which to make an arrest.

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