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Delaware DUI

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Delaware is a serious offense. It puts you and others at risk of for property loss, injury, or even death. A conviction can also impact your career, insurance, education, and personal liberties. You may face jail, fines, or other punishments. And your license may be suspended or revoked. Whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, a Delaware DUI attorney can help you mount a strong defense.

What Is Delaware’s Implied Consent Law?

Operating, driving, or having physical control of any vehicle while impaired is considered DUI. This includes mopeds and off-highway vehicles. Your consent for breath, blood, or urine tests is implied. This means you are assumed to have already agreed to the test. If you refuse, reasonable steps can be taken to conduct tests without your consent. The arresting officer will file a refusal report with the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles. The DMV may revoke your driver's license for one to two years. The DMV will take into account factors such as:

  • Prior offense(s)
  • Probable cause
  • Prior refusal offenses

What Is the "Zero Tolerance" Law"?

Delaware is cracking down on underage drinking and drunk driving. Under the new "Zero Tolerance" law, driving after even one drink may amount to DUI for those under age 21. And the penalties are tough:

  • License suspension—After first offense you lose your license for two months. Repeat offenses result in six- to 12-month suspensions.
  • Fines—Drivers who are not licensed must pay $200 for first offense. Fines go up to $400 to $1000 for repeat offenses.

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Driving under the influence (DUI) attorneys in Delaware know how to build strong defenses. They may challenge drunk driving testing equipment, conditions, and methods. Or they may question law enforcement procedures, policies, and protocols. The goal is to defend your driving privileges; driving, criminal, insurance, education, and employment records; and personal freedoms. Call now to speak with a Delaware DUI lawyer at 877-913-7222.