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Connecticut OUI

Operating under the influence (OUI) is a criminal offense that puts you and others at risk. Property damage, injury, or even death could result. So these charges are not taken lightly. If convicted, you may face jail, fines, or other punishments. Your license can be suspended or revoked. Your career and reputation may also be at stake. A Connecticut OUI attorney can help you mount a strong defense.

What Gives Police the Right to Pull Me Over?

Drunk driving laws in Connecticut make it easy for police to conduct traffic stops. Police can pull you over based upon "reasonable articulable suspicion." Much can happen before you are advised of your rights. Few drivers know you can choose to remain silent. Rarely does it pay to answer questions. Keep in mind, police are searching for grounds to arrest.

How Do Police Decide if You Are Impaired?

To gauge whether you have been drinking, police may:

  • evaluate your speech
  • smell your breath
  • watch your eyes
  • evaluate your sense of balance and dexterity

They also may perform field sobriety tests.

What Happens if I Get Arrested?

If you are arrested, you will be taken to the police station. You may take a blood, breath, or urine test. Under Connecticut law, you give implied consent to take these tests just by driving in the state. The police choose which test you take. They must advise about taking and refusing tests and your right to counsel.

The state has a mandatory two-track process for handling drunk driving:

  • Criminal court system—Jail, fines, probation, and license suspension can happen here.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles administrative procedure—License suspension is automatic unless you request a hearing, and your driving privileges are restored.

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Operating under the influence attorneys in Connecticut can help build strong OUI defenses. They may challenge testing equipment, conditions, and methods. Or they may question law enforcement procedures, policies, and protocols. The aim is to defend your driving privileges, records, and freedoms. If you have already been convicted of a DUI or OUI, attorneys can help you get your criminal record expunged.  Call now to speak with an OUI lawyer in Connecticut at 877-913-7222.