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Colorado DUI and DWAI

DUI (driving under the influence) and DWAI (driving while ability impaired) are serious offenses in Colorado. Getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking or otherwise impaired puts you and others at risk. And the stakes are high—loss of property, limb, or even life. So these charges are not taken lightly. You may face jail time, fines or other punishments. Your driver's license may be suspended or revoked. There is also a social stigma. And depending on your career, you could even lose your job. Mounting a strong legal defense with a Colorado DUI lawyer can make a big difference in your case and your future.

What Can a Colorado DUI Attorney Do for Me?

Lawyers experienced with DUI/DWAI cases have specific knowledge of the laws in your state. They can:

  • Examine case evidence carefully
  • Provide the optimal chance of avoiding DUI or DWAI conviction
  • Analyze scientific accuracy of a blood or breath test
  • Evaluate the legality of a traffic stop
  • Determine whether field sobriety tests were administered properly
  • Review whether a client’s rights were fully explained

Your attorney also serves as your courtroom advocate. He or she brings certain level of reputation, skills, and demeanor on your behalf.  

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Should I Just Plead Guilty to a DUI Conviction in Colorado?

Do not assume that your DUI case is simple or straightforward. DUI and DWAI cases can be very complex. They often involve many layers of analysis. A Colorado DWAI attorney can help protect you against an unnecessary conviction. There may be loopholes in the evidence and case against you, involving:

  • Drunk driving testing equipment, conditions, and methods
  • Law enforcement procedures, policies, and protocols

Your attorney may choose to call such items into question as part of your defense.

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