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Alaska DUI, DWI, OUI, and OWI

Getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking or are otherwise impaired puts you and others at serious risk. Property damage, injury, or even death can result. You may face jail time, fines or other punishment. Your license could be suspended or revoked. Your reputation and career may be at stake, as well. An Alaska DWI lawyer can help you mount a strong defense.

What Are the Consequences of a DWI?

In Alaska, these offenses are not taken lightly:

  • DUI—driving under the influence
  • DWI—driving while intoxicated
  • OUI—operating [a motor vehicle] under the influence
  • OWI—operating [a motor vehicle] while intoxicated

If you are convicted, the penalties are hefty. First-time offenders face:

  • Mandatory jail for three days
  • 90-day suspension of driver's license
  • Court costs, jail costs, and other fines

Penalties are stricter with each offense. Jail time and fines both increase. After the third, you lose your license for life. Drunk drivers who cause serious injuries are charged with felony vehicular assault—even if they are first-time offenders. Driving under the influence lawyers seek to avoid convictions. If that is not possible, the goal is to mitigate adverse consequences.

Does DUI Arrest Equate to an Automatic Conviction in Alaska?

Alaska has zero tolerance for drunk drivers. Some drivers have more at stake than others. They include:

  • Repeat offenders
  • Military personnel
  • Drivers under age 21
  • Commercial drivers

But an arrest for a DUI, DWI, OUI, or OWI does not automatically mean a conviction. DUI lawyers can improve your odds of beating such charges. This may mean challenging the details of your arrest. The sooner you consult with an Alaska DWI attorney, the better.

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Driving under the influence attorneys in Alaska know how to build a strong defense. Factors such as testing equipment, conditions, and methods may all come into play. Or your lawyer may go after law enforcement procedures and practices. The goal is to vigorously defend your driving privileges; driving, criminal, and employment records; and personal liberties. Call now to speak with an Alaska driving while intoxicated attorney at 877-913-7222.