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When Should You Hire a Seattle Divorce Attorney?

If you are considering a divorce or your spouse has already filed for divorce, you are probably wondering when you should hire a Seattle divorce attorney. While you don’t need to have an attorney represent you in your Washington State divorce, an experienced divorce attorney can make sure you get everything you are entitled to when your marriage ends. If you have minor children, a divorce lawyer can also help make sure you get the best possible arrangement for your kids and your family.

Washington Divorce Law

You will have some unique considerations with your divorce. For example, Washington is one of the few states that don’t have residency requirements, but it does have a cooling-off period.

And when it comes to dividing up marital property, there is no single formula for Seattle divorces. Rather, marital property will be divided equitably, not necessarily equally.

Depending on your situation, there may be many other factors to consider. If you are the one to end the marriage, it’s best to talk to a Seattle divorce lawyer before you file for divorce and possibly even before you tell your spouse that you want a divorce.

If you suspect that your spouse may file for divorce or if you know your spouse plans to file, you should talk to an attorney right away to find out your options. If you are caught by surprise when your spouse files for divorce, you should begin talking to divorce lawyers in Seattle as soon as possible.

If you wait too long to hire a Seattle divorce attorney, you may be at a disadvantage when it comes to dividing up your assets such as your house, cars, jewelry, pension plans and other things. Your spouse may have moved or concealed assets, which will make it harder for you to get what you are entitled to. If the divorce is not amicable, your spouse may try to rush you into making agreements that are not in your best long-term interests.

And if you have minor children, you will want an attorney who can help ensure the proceedings run smoothly, so you can get your kids settled into their new living arrangements as quickly as you can.

Your attorney can also deal with your spouse or your spouse’s attorney when you are too angry or upset to do it yourself.

Hiring a Seattle Divorce Attorney

If you have never hired a divorce lawyer before, you can start by asking people you know for recommendations. You can also use by completing the form on this page or by calling 1-877-913-7222. Whether you live in Tacoma, downtown or Mercer Island, by entering a few simple pieces of information you will get the name and contact information for a lawyer who handles Seattle divorces cases. You can contact the lawyer directly, or the attorney will reach out to you within two business days.

Next, it’s time to schedule an initial consultation. This is your opportunity to get to know divorce lawyers in Seattle and decide which one to hire.

You should ask a lot of questions during your initial consultation. You need to make sure the attorney has the background and experience to handle your divorce the way you want it handled. You also need a divorce attorney who charges reasonable fees.

Trust is also a critical factor when hiring a Seattle divorce lawyer. You will share many personal details of your life with your attorney, so you need to feel comfortable with him. And while it’s important to have an attorney who supports you, you also need one whose judgment you respect. Your attorney may need to give you advice you don’t want to hear, even if it is in your best long-term interests.

After the initial consultation, consider all the different factors involved in choosing a lawyer. If you are still not sure, ask the Seattle divorce attorney for references and talk to those people. This will help you make a decision.

Your life will be very different after your divorce, and you need to find an attorney who will help you through the process and give you the right kind of guidance. The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner you can start to work on your proceeding.