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Mesquite Divorce Mediation Information

Divorce is one of the most financially and emotionally draining times you will ever have to go through. In Mesquite, divorce mediation may make this a bit easier.

In Mesquite, divorce mediation will help you and your spouse come to a legally binding agreement on how to end your marriage.

If you know you will never be able to reach an agreement, mediation may not be for you. Mediation focuses on your life after the divorce, not the wrongs that led to the divorce in the first place.

What is Mesquite Divorce Mediation?

In Mesquite, divorce mediation occurs when a third-party mediator helps you and your spouse decide on how to divide your property and custody of any children. Working together, you will make these decisions on your own; the court or the mediator will not make the decisions for you. Mediation is a good option if you have children and want to keep a good relationship after the divorce. If you end up not being able to reach an agreement in mediation, everything discussed in mediation will be kept confidential in court.

What Are the Stages of Dallas County Divorce Mediation?

  • In the first stage, the mediator will explain the procedure to you and your spouse.
  • You will identify the issues to be resolved before your divorce becomes legal. These may include how you will split assets and custody of any minor children.
  • You will discuss each issue in an effort to reach an acceptable resolution.
  • You will draft an initial agreement.
  • You will write a final agreement for approval by the judge.

What Will the Mediator Do?

Your mediator will help you and your spouse reach conclusions you can agree upon. He or she will not:

  • Take sides
  • Give legal advice
  • Defend either you or your spouse

In Mesquite divorce negotiation, some mediators will be more active than others. An active mediator may try to identify alternatives to your suggestions, while a more passive mediator will watch you reach your own conclusions and then question you to see if you have reached a solution that will work. Once you and your spouse have agreed on your key points, the mediator will make sure you understand the consequences of any decisions before drafting the final agreement.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Mesquite Divorce Negotiation?

You don't need a lawyer for Mesquite divorce negotiation, but it is a good idea. You will still need to go to court for your agreement (and divorce) to become legally binding, and a divorce lawyer can represent you there. In Dallas County mediation, the mediator does not represent either you or your spouse.