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Divorce in New Mexico

Are you filing for divorce in New Mexico? You should hire a divorce attorney as soon as possible, and familiarize yourself with New Mexico's divorce laws as well as the process for legally ending your marriage.

When Should You Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

You can hire divorce lawyers to do as little or as much work on your divorce as you'd like.

For example, if you and your spouse own few assets and both want a divorce, you may just need an attorney to file the legal paperwork and represent you in court. But for more complicated splits, an attorney can help you negotiate the division of property, advocate for you to receive child custody and more.

You'll almost certainly want to hire a family law attorney to help with your New Mexico divorce if:

  • You and your spouse are parents and need to settle issues related to child custody and child support
  • You own a lot of assets—including real estate, art, jewelry and brokerage accounts—and want to ensure that the property is split fairly
  • You and your spouse have a lot of debt
  • You own a business
  • You and your spouse have difficulty communicating directly with one another
  • You want to receive alimony payments or your spouse is seeking spousal support
  • You're uncomfortable negotiating the New Mexico Family Courts without the assistance of a divorce attorney

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