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Divorce in Montana

Getting divorced can be simultaneously traumatic, exciting, frightening and invigorating. After all, you're moving from one stage of your life into another. But before you can officially put the past behind you, you must file for and finalize your divorce. And a Montana divorce attorney can guide you through the process.

Questions to Ask When a Family Law Attorney

Before hiring a Montana divorce lawyer, you'll probably want to meet the attorney to decide whether he or she is right for your case. This meeting—sometimes called a preliminary consultation or initial consultation—is often free or offered at a discounted cost. It's your chance to tell the lawyer a bit about your situation and ask a lot of questions.

The initial consultation isn't about getting free legal advice. Instead, it's to learn more about Montana divorce attorneys and how they'd handle your case. Bring to the meeting a list of questions that help you gather this information. Sample questions include:

  • How long have you practiced divorce law in Montana?
  • Do you only do family law work (such as divorce, child custody and child support) or do you represent other types of clients, too?
  • What's your typical approach or philosophy when representing divorce clients?
  • Are you the only attorney in your firm who would work on my case? If others are involved, can you share their background and introduce them to me?
  • What kind of divorce settlement can I realistically expect to receive?
  • How do you charge for your services? Can you estimate my total legal bill?

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