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Divorce Attorneys for Women: Is There a Difference

Wives wanting to divorce their husbands may be tempted to seek out divorce attorneys for women only. Perhaps few and far between, there are lawyers who wish to have women only as clients.

Womens rights groups will often recommend contacting a rape crisis center or battered women's shelter to find divorce attorneys who focus on representing women, especially if the divorcing wife is also dealing with those issues.

Judges tend to show more bias against divorcing women if they claim their husbands have used domestic violence against them, according to Legal Momentum, a womens legal defense and education fund. Even though 40 states have laws that require judges to consider domestic violence as a determining factor in custody disputes, according to Legal Momentum women still find "judges do no want to hear about domestic abuse, discount its seriousness, find it too infrequent or too remote in time to be relevant or discount it because they believe it did not affect the children."

Divorce Attorneys for Women

Even if they do not want a lawyer who exclusively represents females, women do go about their search for an attorney differently than men, placing higher value on some attributes than men do, according to a study commissioned by Martindale-Hubbell to explore Americans' behaviors and attitudes towards choosing and using lawyers.

In general, women are more likely than men to:

  • Say that trust in their lawyer is an important factor in the hiring process (79 percent of women vs. 69 percent of men)
  • Take into consideration how friendly a lawyer is (35 percent of women vs. 25 percent of men)
  • Be satisfied with their lawyer (32 percent of women vs. 24 percent of men)
  • Consider a lawyer's area of expertise in a particular field to be important, compared to a little more than one-half of men (62 percent of women vs. 54 percent of men)

Whether a divorce attorney is a man or a women, or one who only represents men or women, it is the level of comfort one has with that attorney that is paramount.  If a lawyer leaves you feeling uncomfortable, you should abide by that instinct and not hire that person - even if you cannot isolate the cause of your discomfort.