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Discrimination in Iowa

Federal and Iowa laws make it illegal for companies to discriminate against job candidates and employees. Discrimination occurs when a person or group of people is treated differently based on personal characteristics, such as gender, disability or skin color. An employment lawyer or discrimination attorney can help you take legal action if you think you've been the victim of job discrimination.

Dealing With Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination can take many forms. For example, a job posting might advertise that a company is looking for female applicants or young, energetic workers. Or a company might give preferential shifts and overtime to male employees.

Federal anti-discrimination laws make it illegal for an employer to discriminate based on sex, race, skin color, religion, gender, age (if the individual is at least 40 years old), disability, pregnancy status, genetic information and national origin.

Iowa anti-discrimination law protects all of these groups of people, but also bans discrimination against people based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

If you think you've been a victim of discrimination on the job, collect any evidence you have of discrimination. This might include written materials—such as job ads, employee handbooks, supervisor memos and emails—as well as notes you've made about discriminatory statements and conversations. (Be sure to record who was involved in the conversation, what each person said and when the conversation occurred. Your discrimination lawyer or employment attorney may use the information as evidence of discrimination.

You cannot necessarily sue a company that is discriminating. Instead, you'll have to file a complaint with either the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. You have 300 days from the date when the most recent discriminatory act occurred to file a complaint.

If the government investigation finds in your favor, you may be eligible for job reinstatement, back pay or a financial settlement. You may also be given a "right to sue" letter, which authorizes you and your employment attorneys to file a civil lawsuit against the company in Iowa court.

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