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Discrimination in District of Columbia

Federal laws make it illegal for companies to discriminate against current and potential employees based on age, sex, race/skin color, religion, national origin, disability and pregnancy. District of Columbia laws also make discrimination illegal based on a number of other factors, including personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, and marital status. Talk to a discrimination attorney or employment lawyer today if you think you've been the victim of job-related discrimination.

Do You Need a Discrimination Lawyer?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you've been the victim of employment discrimination. How can you know if you need an attorney?

First, you must be a member of a protected class to pursue a discrimination claim. Protected classes are those groups of people who are commonly victims of discrimination based on some personal characteristic other than ability. Age, religion and skin color are all examples of protected classes.

Next, you must be aware that you have a short timeframe in which to file a discrimination claim. Typically, that's about 180 days from the date the discrimination last occurred. This means you must act quickly to hire a discrimination lawyer and file a legal claim.

Finally, you should have some evidence that you're the victim of discrimination. Sometimes it may just be anecdotal. For example, you see a pattern that all of the employees who get promoted or offered overtime are white. Other times it may be obvious. Perhaps your boss has made comments that women aren't qualified to do certain jobs. You'll want to bring that evidence with you when you meet with employment attorneys. It will help the lawyer evaluate the strength of your case and file a claim.

If you have a valid claim, you'll file it with either the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Your lawyer can guide you through the process.

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