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Discrimination in Colorado

The federal government and Colorado state government have passed anti-discrimination laws to protect groups of people who historically have been treated unfairly. (These groups are known as protected classes.) If you're treated unfairly at work because of your sex or skin color or any other number of factors, then a discrimination attorney or employment lawyer can help you take legal action.

Discrimination: Your Legal Rights & Options

What is employment discrimination and how can you address it? In a nutshell, job discrimination occurs when an employee or job candidate is treated unfairly not because of his or her abilities but because of some personal characteristic.

According to the Colorado Civil Rights Division:

"The Colorado Civil Rights laws were written to protect groups of people who historically have been or who might be discriminated against. These protected classes (characteristics) include: Disability, Race, Color, National Origin, Ancestry, Sexual Orientation, Sex (includes pregnancy), Creed, Religion (employment and housing only), Age (employment only), Marriage to a Co-Worker (employment only), Marital Status (housing and public accommodations only), and Familial Status (housing only)."

Federal anti-discrimination laws also make it illegal to discriminate against employees based on many of these characteristics. (Colorado law includes ancestry, sexual orientation and marriage to a co-worker, which are omitted from the federal law.)

If you've been a victim of discrimination on the job—including in the hiring process, promotion, job retention, training, scheduling and/or compensation—then you may be eligible to file a claim against your employer. Depending on the specific details of the discrimination, you could be eligible for compensation, job reinstatement and other benefits.

Federal and Colorado law give you six months (180 days) from the date of discrimination to file a claim with the appropriate government agency. Talk to a discrimination lawyer or a labor and employment attorney today for help filing a claim or if you've been given a "right to sue" letter.

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