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Discrimination in Alabama

Federal, Alabama and local laws make it illegal to discriminate against people who fall into certain groups, known as protected classes, in certain situations. Unfortunately, employment discrimination remains a fact of life in many companies. If you think you've been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, contact a discrimination attorney immediately. Your lawyer can help determine if you were discriminated against, and help you take appropriate legal action, if necessary.

What Is Discrimination?

Employment discrimination occurs when an employee is treated differently because of personal characteristics, such as:

(In some places, gender identity, sexual orientation and other characteristics are also protected under state or local law. As of 2013, Alabama does not have laws protecting people against discrimination based on these characteristics.)

As a result of discrimination on the job, a person might:

  • Not be hired to do a job for which he or she is qualified, despite being the best candidate
  • Be paid less than other employees in the same job with similar skills, experience and tenure
  • Be wrongfully terminated from a job
  • Receive less desirable work assignments, be scheduled for less desirable shifts or be scheduled to work fewer hours
  • Be passed over for promotion in favor of a less-qualified candidate

If you're the victim of discrimination, speak to employment discrimination attorneys as soon as possible. There are different ways of addressing discrimination, and your lawyer can explain your legal options.

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