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Utah Criminal Defense

For defendants who stand accused of felony or misdemeanor crimes in Utah, it is critical to effectively navigate the criminal justice system to protect one’s legal rights to the fullest extent. The most basic freedoms, liberties, livelihood, relationships, and even life may hang in the balance.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

Utah criminal defense attorneys serve the necessary and important function of protecting a defendant's rights in the applicable criminal justice system (state or federal). This includes ensuring the defendant gets a fair and speedy trial as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. A criminal defense attorney in Utah provides guidance at each step of the criminal justice system, so the client can make educated decisions and meaningfully contribute to and participate in the building of the strongest possible defense.

Goals of Criminal Lawyers

Ultimately, defense lawyers and their clients hope to obtain an acquittal. This may not be possible in all cases, however. In complex and serious criminal cases, Utah defense lawyers seek to lessen charges and punishment brought against the defendant as much as possible. Attorneys also targets an early resolution of the matter. In some instances, an advantageous plea bargain for a lesser sentence or guilty plea for a lesser offense is the best possible outcome for a defendant. In other cases, it may be necessary to conduct a full trial to obtain justice the client deserves.

Benefits of Retaining a Utah Attorney

The criminal justice system in Utah is formidable and challenging. A Utah criminal defense attorney provides much-needed legal assistance in that process and can assist with:

  • Answers to client questions
  • Explanations of each stage of the criminal justice system from arraignment or formal charging through trial and any appeals or post-conviction work
  • Oral advocacy in the courtroom at hearings and trials
  • Protection of legal rights, personal liberties, and constitutional freedoms
  • Building of a solid, strong case strategy tailored to the case and needs of the criminal defendant client
  • Attack of the prosecution's case in chief

Typical Utah criminal defense practice areas

A Utah criminal defense attorney in will likely have experience and be willing to handle cases in criminal law practice areas such as:

What Types of Legal Services Do Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys Offer?

Each criminal case differs. A criminal defense attorney can assist with:

  • Bond hearings
  • Bail hearings
  • Trials
  • Investigation representation
  • Pre-charging consultation
  • Appeals
  • Post-conviction services
  • Expungement of criminal records
  • Consequences and impacts of criminal conviction consultation

Find a Local Utah Criminal Lawyer Today

A Utah criminal defense lawyer can represent you in court, negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor, explain your legal options and defend you during a criminal trial. Your criminal law attorney’s job is to protect your rights and ensure your access to a fair trial. By examining the circumstances surrounding your case and weighing the strength of the evidence against you, your Utah lawyer will apply current law, along with previous legal precedent, to your specific situation and use it to devise a solid legal strategy and build the best possible case for acquittal. Call now to speak with an attorney at 877-913-7222.