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New Hampshire Criminal Defense

Criminal defendants in New Hampshire understandably face a great deal of fear, doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty. The undesirable combination of criminal charges and a formal arrest in New Hampshire is more than sufficient cause for most defendants to trigger a decision to immediately retain criminal defense counsel.

How Can New Hampshire Criminal Defense Attorneys Help?

Defense lawyers serve the invaluable function of protecting a defendant’s rights in the applicable federal or state criminal justice system. Attorneys also ensures the defendant and prospective client obtains a fair, speedy trial, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. New Hampshire criminal law attorneys provide guidance to the client at each stage in the criminal justice system, so the client can, in turn, make well-educated and informed decisions and actively contribute in building a strong defense strategy.

Role of New Hampshire Defense Attorneys in Criminal Justice Process

Fortunately, there is a source of hope and help available to New Hampshire criminal defendants in the form of defense attorneys. In fact, many of the core roles of criminal defense counsel include, but are not limited to, tasks and responsibilities such as:

  • Being aware of the applicable rules and procedures in the criminal justice process
  • Guiding the accused through the criminal justice process
  • Minimizing the risks criminal defendants face along the criminal justice process
  • Maximizing potential for positive case outcomes as early in a case's timeline as possible, such as with dismissals or acquittals

What Cases Do Defense Attorneys Typically Take?

New Hampshire criminal defense attorneys defend clients accused of committing felony and misdemeanor crimes and offenses. The cases that counsel typically accept include actions like these:

Find out more about the basics of criminal assault and other types of criminal defenses.

How Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Investigate My Case?

It is axiomatic that a government prosecutor at the state or federal level in New Hampshire will have access to a criminal defendant's file and records. Those records contain the investigation conducted by law enforcement and any evidence prepared and collected during that process. New Hampshire criminal defense counsel often hire in-house or external private investigators to conduct independent investigations, rather than relying solely on the investigation and materials prepared by law enforcement. That independent investigation is then used to attack the prosecution's case and bolster the overall defense strategy for a client's criminal case. This is one of several ways that New Hampshire criminal law attorneys can help to level the playing field in criminal proceedings in favor of their clients.

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A New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer can represent you in court, negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor, explain your legal options and defend you during a criminal trial. Your criminal law attorney's job is to protect your rights and ensure your access to a fair trial. By examining the circumstances surrounding your case and weighing the strength of the evidence against you, your New Hampshire lawyer will apply current law, along with previous legal precedent, to your specific situation and use it to devise a solid legal strategy and build the best possible case for acquittal. Call now to speak with an attorney at 877-913-7222.