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Arizona Criminal Defense

For those nervous and anxious criminal defendants who have been arrested and stand accused of committing felony or misdemeanor crimes, it is a top priority to understand the American criminal justice system. It is equally important to grasp how to best navigate that same criminal justice system to protect one's rights to the fullest extent. And quickly! One's freedom, livelihood, family relationships, liberties, and far more may hang in the balance and remain at stake, depending on the ultimate outcome of a criminal trial.

Role of Criminal Defense Attorneys in Arizona's Criminal Justice System

That is where the role of a criminal defense attorney fits into the picture. This type of defense counsel serves the vital function of protecting a defendant's rights in the Arizona criminal justice system. This type of counsel also ensures that a defendant obtains a fair and speedy trial, as is a guaranteed protection and right under the U.S. Constitution to all people.

What Is the Objective or End Goal of a Criminal Lawyer?

At the end of the criminal justice process, both criminal defense lawyers and client seek to obtain an acquittal for the defendant. This may not possible in all circumstances, however. In those more challenging and/or serious cases, criminal lawyers seeks to lessen the charges and/or punishment brought against the client as much as possible. Further, sometimes, the role of criminal defense attorneys do not end with the conclusion of the original trial. There may be fertile grounds for waging an appeal to achieve a more favorable result than the original trial’s outcome.

Typical Criminal Law and Defense Practice Areas in Arizona

Criminal defense attorneys and their firms are all unique. Some may have broader practices than others or particular areas of expertise, specialty built over years of experience in handling and trying specific types of criminal cases. That said, a typical Arizona criminal defense attorney will likely have experience with and be willing to handle cases in any of the following criminal practice areas:

  • DUI and DWI
  • vehicular crimes
  • sexual crimes
  • fraud
  • theft
  • white collar crimes
  • assault
  • violent crimes
  • homicides
  • drug crimes
  • property crimes
  • forfeiture cases
  • extradition
  • probation violations
  • sentence modifications
  • post-conviction issues and appeals
  • pre-charge cases
  • release hearings

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An Arizona criminal defense lawyer can represent you in court, negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor, explain your legal options and defend you during a criminal trial. By examining the circumstances surrounding your case and weighing the strength of the evidence against you, your Arizona lawyer will apply current law, along with previous legal precedent, to your specific situation and use it to devise a solid legal strategy and build the best possible case for acquittal. Call now to an attorney at 877-913-7222.