Construction Law
Lenders, property owners, surveyors, engineers, contractors, architects--whether you're building a single-family home or a skyscraper, countless people and companies are involved in construction efforts. A construction attorney can guide you through all phases of the construction process and help resolve disputes that may occur.
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Construction Law
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Construction Law

Construction law handles an array of complaints stemming from faulty structural construction. While workplace injury is generally handled by workers compensation, other structural deficiencies, including faulty electrical wiring, illegal or absent building permits, and poorly negotiated construction liens can all impact the legality of a structure. All contractors are encouraged to follow OSHA guidelines.


Poorly negotiated construction liens can become incredibly problematic for both the developers and builders of the project if they fail to specify responsibility for accidents and structural overruns. Projects could be suspended if problems are not remedied sufficiently fast, due to mounting financial concerns.

Electrical Wiring

Faulty electrical wiring can cause fires and electrocution, both of which could significantly impact the sustainability of a project. Developers might be able to protect themselves from faulty wiring by negotiating no-fault clauses with the contractors, or specifying the degree of fault should such an incidence occur.

Building Permits and Zoning

If a developer fails to appropriately secure the necessary building permits and make sure that the building passes the appropriate zoning ordinances, the project could be legally halted. Zoning considerations should be handled in the initial design phases; building permits should be obtained before ground is broken on the project.

Construction Law Compensation

Because of the variety of aspects involved in construction law, there is no blanket settlement or compensation granted to victims of faulty planning or construction. Each structure must be evaluated on its own terms, whether it is a high rise or a residential remodeling project.

The relationship between the developers and contractors could also significantly impact any settlements depending on the verbiage of the contracts and the agreed upon areas of responsibility. Additionally, compensation could be based on the degree of structural damage due to faulty construction, and how that damage affects the welfare of the victim bringing the lawsuit.