Commercial Real Estate
Real estate--whether it's office space, a warehouse, retail stores or other property--is often critical to your business's growth and long-term success. A commercial real estate attorney can help you understand and evaluate your options, while reviewing purchase, sale or lease agreements.
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Commercial Real Estate
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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate law deals with regulations, statutes, property law and common law at levels ranging from villages to the federal government itself. It embraces a wide range of legal categories, including the purchase, development, financing, construction, sale and leasing of commercial properties.

Why Involve a Real Estate Attorney?

Commercial real estate attorneys are essential throughout the acquisition of non-residential property. They advise clients on legal issues that may be involved in the property transaction. They review zoning ordinances, purchase agreements, mortgage information as well as closing documents. When necessary, an attorney will often negotiate contracts to their clients' best advantage. What else?

  • Attorneys are necessary in commercial leasing situations to draft lease documents, represent building owners in tenant disputes, and providing counsel on lease violations and tenant evictions
  • Attorneys are necessary for property and probate administration, as well as other areas of corporate estate planning
  • When foreclosure is threatened on a property, commercial real estate lawyers advise their clients on ways to retain as much equity in their buildings as possible during a difficult process
  • Commercial real estate attorneys represent their clients in construction-related disputes, property defects, construction accidents as well as mechanic's lien situations

Considerations When Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

As laws vary among small communities, large cities and states, it is essential that a business person hire an attorney who possesses knowledge of the local area. That lawyer should be able to represent the business in every aspect of the commercial real estate transaction. Complex laws govern this sector, and business owners should not operate in commercial realty without the comprehensive services of a licensed attorney.

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