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Child Custody
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What to Expect in Child Custody Court

Child custody disputes end up in court when parents cannot agree on whats in the best interests of the child. In child custody court, the court reviews all the facts and circumstances of a case before granting custody to a parent. The courts ultimate goal is to create a custodial arrangement that serves the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of the child.

Child Custody Court

Child custody cases are most commonly associated with divorce, but they are also common in the case of unmarried parents, paternity disputes, guardianship, termination of parental rights, and juvenile delinquency.

While the custody proceeding takes place, a judge wants to make sure the child is in a stable environment where he or she adjusts to family changes. As a result, judges want to place a child in a home that keeps the child from changing schools and doesn't force the child to sever ties with friends or other social elements they have developed.

The courts look at a number of factors before determining who wins child custody. Help yourself by being properly prepared before standing in front of a judge to state your case.

Make sure you have a suitable living environment for you and your child.

A judge will look at each of the parents homes during a child custody hearing to determine the safety of the environment and its proximity to schools, health care, and shopping. A judge will also look at the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in the home to ensure the home can accommodate all the people who will live there.

Prove that you can provide emotional support and guidance to your child.

Because a custodial parent will have to provide the bulk of emotional support to a child, the court measures how much time each parent allots for family time. As a result, parents need to prove their work schedules allow them flexibility to care for the youngster.

Dont assume the mother will automatically win child custody.

During a child custody hearing, the court aims to find the best living situation for the child. If both parents provide similar living situations for the youngster, a childs preference may ultimately be the determining factor in a child custody hearing.

Hire a Lawyer

Lastly, if your child custody dispute goes to court, hire a child custody attorney. Child support and child custody issues need proper legal guidance. A lawyer can help you eliminate any potential negatives in your case and help you provide a good environment for your child.