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Child Custody in North Dakota

North Dakota parents who no longer have a romantic relationship will have to reach agreement on certain key issues regarding their minor children. These include decisions related to residential responsibility (also known as child custody), parenting time (also known as visitation) and child support. Each parent should be represented by his or her own child custody attorney. Your lawyers can help you negotiate an agreement and represent you in North Dakota District Court.

Things to Know Before Hiring North Dakota Child Custody Lawyers

Before hiring a child custody lawyer, here are some important things to know about North Dakota child custody and child support laws:

  • In North Dakota, child custody is also known as residential responsibility, and addresses both where a child will live and which parent is responsible for making major decisions that affect the child.
  • Visitation is more commonly known as parenting time in North Dakota. In most circumstances, a non-custodial parent will be granted sufficient parenting time with his or her child.
  • If paternity has not already been established, either parent, the child, the court or child support authorities may require the father and child to undergo genetic testing to establish paternity.

Child custody lawyers can help parents create a residential responsibility agreement and negotiate a parenting time schedule, establish paternity and reach child support decisions. Once these are in place, your attorney can also help you enforce or modify the orders.

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