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Child Custody in Idaho

When parents split up, it can be a turbulent and emotionally challenging situation for everyone involved--particularly minor children. As a parent, you have to look out for your children's best interests, and that includes negotiating a child custody agreement and visitation schedule. An Idaho child custody attorney can help guide you through those negotiations and court proceedings.

Reasons to Hire an Idaho Child Custody Attorney

Although you're not legally required to use an Idaho child custody lawyer to handle your matter, there are a number of reasons and situations where a lawyer's assistance will be beneficial:

  • If you and your child's other parent have difficulty communicating and cannot reach a mutually agreeable child custody agreement, you may have more success negotiating with the assistance of your Idaho child custody attorneys
  • If you need to establish legal paternity of a child
  • If you already have a court-approved parenting plan but need to make court-approved changes
  • If your child's other parent refuses to pay court-ordered child support, is hiding assets or is working under the table

Find & Hire Idaho Child Custody Lawyers

When your child's welfare and well-being are at stake, you can't afford to make child custody and child support mistakes. An Idaho family law attorney will help ensure that things move smoothly and problems are resolved quickly. If you need help finding Idaho family law lawyers in your area, can help. Phone us at 877-913-7222 or fill out the form on this page. Our free service can promptly match you with qualified local attorneys.