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Child Custody in Connecticut

Parents who are no longer a couple will have to reach child custody, visitation and child support decisions regarding their minor children. Each parent should be represented by his or her own Connecticut child custody attorney, who will protect each parent's rights while working with the parents to negotiate a parenting plan.

How a Connecticut Child Custody Lawyer Can Help You

You're not legally required to use a Connecticut child custody attorney to help resolve your custody, support and visitation issues, but it's strongly recommended. A lawyer can help you:

  • Understand your legal rights and obligations as a parent
  • Work with your child's other parent and that parent's attorney to negotiate a child custody and visitation agreement
  • File the appropriate paperwork with the court and represent you at court hearings
  • Ensure you meet all of the necessary deadlines related to your Connecticut child custody matter
  • Calculate how much child support you can expect to receive or be expected to pay
  • Make changes to an existing child custody agreement, visitation schedule or child support order

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