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West Virginia Auto Accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident in the state of West Virginia due to the negligent conduct of another driver, then you may be able to receive compensation for your damages, losses, and/or injuries. Of course, every car accident is unique in facts, circumstances, parties, insurance coverage, damages, and jurisdiction. So, it is wise to consult with at least one auto accident lawyer practicing in the state of West Virginia to further explore the specifics of your personal injury and/or property damage claim(s) before it may be too late.

What Types of Cases Do West Virginia Auto Accident Lawyers Take?

West Virginia car accident attorneys stand ready and willing to assist injured accident victims to receive the monetary compensation to which they are entitled as a result of a myriad of accident types. These lawyers accept personal injury cases across a broad range of crash types, which include, but are not limited to:

  • auto accidents
  • motorcycle crashes
  • trucking, tractor trailer, and/or semi crashes
  • SUV rollovers
  • coal truck crashes
  • pedestrian accidents
  • teenage driver auto accidents
  • interstate auto accidents
  • interstate truck accidents
  • hit-and-run accidents
  • head-on crashes
  • drunk driving accidents
  • rear-end collisions
  • t-bone (broadside) accidents

I Have Heard I Have to Act Fast to File my Car Accident Injury Claim . . . How Fast?

Like other states, West Virginia has its own statutory deadlines for victims who seek to file personal injury claims within the state's court system. This deadline is referred to as a statute of limitations. The term means nothing more than a deadline set by legislative statute for a particular legal claim type.

An injured car accident victim in West Virginia has only two short years from the date of an auto collisions to file a legal claim against the driver who is at fault for causing the wreck. With such a short fuse at stake, time is certainly of the essence for accident victims and their legal teams. For this reason, it is wise not to allow lengthy delays to jeopardize one's claims, interests, and rights. To this very point, many experienced personal injury and automobile accident attorneys advise their prospective clients to consult with them immediately after they have obtained necessary medical treatment.

Locate a Local West Virginia Car Collision Attorney Today

A West Virginia car accident attorney can represent you in court proceedings, including motions hearings, trials, and appeals, and can examine and evaluate your case to assess your potential bases for recovery and probable damages stemming from the auto wreck at issue. He or she can also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your individual case and outline the likely timeline for negotiating or litigating your auto accident personal injury and/or property damage claim(s) with applicable insurance companies. A West Virginia-based car accident lawyer can help you in maneuvering within the state's court system and best position your claim for maximum recovery. Call now to speak with an auto collision lawyer in West Virginia at 877-913-7222.