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How to Hire a Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A Texas motorcycle accident attorney can help motorcycle accident victims by:

  • Estimating the total cost of the accident
  • Establishing that the other party was at fault
  • Negotiating with the driver at fault, or his or her insurance company
  • Presenting the victim's case in court, if necessary

If you've never before hired a lawyer, this article will guide you through the process.

Finding Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

To start, identify Texas motorcycle accident attorneys who have experience representing accident victims. If you have friends or family members who have previously used motorcycle accident attorneys in your area, ask if they would recommend their attorneys. Alternately, if you know a lawyer who does other types of legal work, ask if he or she could suggest a qualified attorney.

If you'd like the names of additional Texas motorcycle accident law firms or if you're unable to get any personal recommendations, then you've come to the right site. can put you in touch with a Texas motorcycle accident attorney in your area.

To start the process, complete the form on this page or call 1-877-913-7222. After asking you a few questions, we'll give you the name of at least one attorney in your area who represents motorcycle accident victims. The lawyer will call you within two business days, or you can call the attorney at your convenience.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Most personal injury lawyers, including motorcycle accident attorneys, offer potential clients the chance to meet for a free initial consultation. This preliminary meeting gives you the opportunity to:

  • Share the details of your case with the attorney
  • Interview the attorney about his or her experience and qualifications for handling motorcycle accident cases
  • Decide whether to hire the attorney

Prep for the Initial Consultation

In preparation for the initial consultation, make a list of questions you'd like to ask the attorney. Typical topics to address include:

  • The lawyer's experience and background handling Texas motorcycle accident cases
  • The lawyer's assessment of your case
  • How the lawyer would propose handling your case
  • The lawyer's estimate of your case's value
  • How the lawyer charges for his or her services, and the estimated cost of handling your case (including expenses)

Make a written list of the questions you'd like to ask, so you don't forget them, and bring this list to the initial consultation.

You'll also want to make notes about your motorcycle accident: How it happened, where it happened, who witnessed the accident, and what kinds of injuries you suffered. If you have any paperwork associated with the motorcycle accident and your injuries (such as a policy report or doctor's bills), you should bring that to the meeting.

Meeting With a Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Remember that the primary purpose of the initial consultation is to decide whether to hire a particular lawyer to handle your case. Going into the meeting, you should think about what criteria you're looking for in a Texas motorcycle accident attorney. Common criteria would include:

  • Has experience representing Texas motorcycle accident victims
  • Suggests a sensible case strategy
  • Proposes an award estimate that seems appropriate
  • Charges a legal fee that is reasonable

You also want to hire a lawyer whose advice and recommendations you would feel comfortable following. You may have additional criteria specific to your situation. For example, if you require a lawyer who speaks Spanish or offers weekend office hours, you should add those criteria to your list of requirements.

During the meeting, think about how well the lawyer meets your requirements. Does he or she have sufficient experience handling Texas motorcycle accident cases? Do you agree with the proposed case strategy? Do you feel as if the lawyer shows good judgment and is trustworthy?

Bring writing material to the meeting, and make notes about your impressions. If you're ultimately deciding between two or more attorneys, these notes may be useful.

If you think the attorney is possibly someone you'd like to hire, ask to be put in touch with a former client who can serve as a reference. Contact the reference to ask what they liked and disliked about the lawyer, and whether they'd use the lawyer again, if necessary.

Once you've met each attorney, it's time to select one to handle your case. Think back to your selection criteria. Which lawyer is the best fit? Once you've found that attorney, you're ready to hire him or her and move ahead with your case.