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Texas Auto Accidents

As with all other states, Texas has legal deadlines for filing personal injury auto accident claims. The Texas statute of limitations affords injured parties two years from the date of an auto accident to file a claim against the “at fault” driver. Time is of the essence in prosecuting your car accident claim in Texas, so it is preferable not to wait. Lengthy delays could seriously harm, if not permanently prejudice your legal claims. As a general rule, seek early legal advice from a car collision lawyer as soon after you have obtained medical treatment as possible.

If you suffer from injuries sustained in Texas because of a car collision caused by another, you may receive compensation for your damages, losses, and injuries, including:

  • Lost wages for time missed from employment, including doctor's appointments, physical therapy, and court appearances
  • Cost of hiring help to do household chores that you are no longer able to perform due to your injury
  • Lost future earning capacity because of automobile accident injuries
  • Emotional distress damages stemming from the automobile accident
  • Past, present, and future medical bills for injuries related to your accident
  • Permanent disability and disfigurement damages
  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle and any other property damaged or destroyed in the accident
  • Other costs incurred, such as towing and storage fees.

What Is the Discovery Rule?

Texas has adopted the discovery rule for purposes of the statute of limitations. The discovery rule focuses upon when the personal injury in question was first discovered or when it should have been reasonably discovered by the plaintiff. The rule’s purpose is to toll, or stop, the statute of limitations clock from beginning to run until an injury is actually discovered or should have been discovered by the injured victim. Texas has adopted a limited form of the discovery rule, so the injured party must be act reasonably in discovering the injury in question.

How Can a Texas Auto Accident Attorney Help Me?

Auto insurance companies are required to pay reasonable, fair compensation for injuries from car crashes to their insured and other covered parties who suffer injuries in car wrecks. Auto insurers have written policies and contracts that mandate such requirements, but often injured victims are beaten down, discouraged, and frustrated to the point of accepting low-ball accident settlements from insurance companies. This situation can be easily avoided by working with an experienced Texas attorney early in the process.

Texas car accident attorneys provide the experience necessary to successfully negotiate and litigate car collisions and maximize recoveries for their clients. They are familiar with Texas laws that govern auto injuries, the seatbelt defense, comparative fault, how insurance coverage operates from the inside, and how to effectively utilize technical and complex litigation concepts like accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and medical testimony to the utmost advantage. Each tool in the attorney's skill set is leveraged for the maximum possible recovery.

What Legal Services Do Auto Collision Attorneys Perform?

Texas auto accident lawyers stand ready to tackle the battery of phone calls required to prosecute and resolve complex insurance claims. They ensure all necessary paperwork and forms for insurance, medical, and legal issues are completed accurately in a timely manner, and will obtain a copy of the police report. The sole focus of an injured party should remain fixed on obtaining medical treatment and achieving a recovery, not in dealing with insurance adjusters.

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A Texas car collision attorney can represent you in court proceedings, examine and evaluate your case, and assess possible bases for your recovery and probable damages stemming from the car wreck. Your attorney will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your case and outline the likely timeline for negotiating or litigating your accident claim. A Texas car accident attorney can help you navigate the state's court system and best position your claim for optimal recovery. Call now to speak with an accident lawyer in Texas at 877-913-7222.