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Tennessee Auto Accidents

If you suffer from injuries that were sustained in Tennessee due to a car crash caused by another driver, you may receive compensation for your damages, losses, or injuries including:

  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle and other personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the accident
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, such as towing and storage fees
  • Lost future earning capacity because of the automobile accident injuries
  • Cost of hiring help to do household chores, such as cleaning, lawn care, cooking, shopping, and childcare that cannot perform due to your personal injury
  • Lost wages for time missed from employment, including doctor's appointments, physical therapy, and court appearances
  • Past, present, and future medical bills for treatment related to your auto-accident injuries
  • Permanent disability and disfigurement damages
  • Emotional distress damages stemming from the automobile accident

Tennessee’s Deadline for Filing Accident Claims

Tennessee’s statute of limitations provides injured victims with a short deadline of only one year from the date of an auto accident to file a claim against the party at fault. Time is of the essence in asserting a legal claim stemming from a Tennessee car accident, so it is prudent to seek early assistance from a car collision lawyer; delays could hamper or prejudice your claims and legal interests permanently.

If you or your lawyer cannot successfully negotiate a voluntary settlement with the other driver in the accident or that driver's auto insurer, consider immediately filing suit in the Tennessee state court system before the statute of limitations period ends and time runs out for bringing personal injury claims in the state.

Key Questions for Screening Auto Accident Attorneys

When choosing a Tennessee auto collision attorney to handle your personal injury or property damage case, ask case-specific questions to guide you in locating the proper legal fit. The candidates you screen should be able to fully address your questions and educate you on key issues. Here are some key questions to ask:

  1. How long has the attorney candidate practiced in the area of auto accident or personal injury law?
  2. Does the attorney practice it regularly? If so, what percentage of his legal practice does it comprise?
  3. Does the lawyer usually represent plaintiffs or defendants in accident and personal injury cases?
  4. Does the candidate have experience successfully undertaking cases similar to yours?
  5. Has the attorney favorably settled a large number of cases on behalf of injured parties like you?
  6. Will the attorney explain Tennessee’s legal process and the intricacies of your claim?
  7. Does the candidate have sufficient time, resources, and staff to undertake your case?
  8. Do former or current clients of the attorney candidate have positive statements or referrals to offer?

When Should I Hire a Tennessee Auto Collision Lawyer?

You must act quickly after you are injured in a car accident in Tennessee. First, promptly report the crash to police, emergency medical services, and all relevant auto insurance companies. The faster you consult an experienced car accident attorney in Tennessee, the more that attorney can do in your case's infancy stages. For example, your car accident attorney will act promptly to preserve the evidence at the accident scene and work to identify and assemble key eyewitnesses. Counsel will hire independent investigators and experts to further build your case and its strategy and assume the lead in negotiations and settlement discussions before significant costs and fees are incurred.

Locate a Tennessee Car Collision Lawyer Today

A Tennessee accident attorney can represent you in court, examine and evaluate your case, and assess the potential bases for recovery and probable damages stemming from the car collision. Counsel will highlight strengths and weaknesses of your accident case and outline the likely timeline for negotiating or litigating your claims. A Tennessee-based car collision lawyer can assist you in navigating the state’s court system to best position your claim for an advantageous recovery. Call now to speak with a car collision lawyer in Tennessee at 877-913-7222.